Nevena Desivojević, 2019, 19'

Jury's motivation:

A thief appears in a small mysterious mountain village and the author tries to capture him with a camera. This short documentary plays with the feature-documentary form of the narrative and creates an extremely strong atmosphere as well as the main character, while avoiding any judgments. Because of the mentioned virtues, the jury decided it deserves a special mention.

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Visoko v hribih mož vztraja sam v vasi, ki izginja. Ko tava v megli in med zidovi svoje temne hiše, objokuje stanje človeka, ki je obsojen, da služi okolju, ki ga je zavrnil.

High among the mountains, a man endures alone in a disappearing village. Wandering through the misty nature, roaming between the walls of his dark house, he bewails his condition as a man doomed to serve the surrounding he has rejected.

Director's statement:

The story of the film is inspired by a newspaper article where I read about a hidden village among Portuguese mountains where someone among the inhabitants is stealing from the neighbors. I was curious to meet this little universe because the very similar story happened many years ago in the village where I grew up in Serbia. But, instead of publishing an article, the inhabitants of my village were defending by pulling up the fence around the property of the accused one.

This memory brought me to the village Vila Cha where I spent a couple of years getting to know this place and its commandments.

This is how I met Francisco, the youngest villager who, refusing to adapt to this traditional milieu, stands for its outcast and for the one accused for the robberies. As our connection grew, my attention from the image he is doomed to, drifted to understanding his existential dilemma and yearn to belong to somewhere else.

Director biography:

Born in Serbia. In 2016 graduates at International joint master course Doc Nomads (Lisbon, Budapest, Brussels). Editor assistant for feature documentary Campo by Tiago Hespanha. Filmography: Goldfish Swim Better under the Rain (School Film, 2016), You've Never Been There (School Film, 2015). Currently lives and works in Lisbon.